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I'm Alex Grubard,

Do you guys get me?


A pack of comedians enter the games. All but one of them are stoned! It's up to the live audience to eliminate the high comics and leave the sober individual at the end in order to win dope prizes!



Alex Grubard

Alex Grubard is a stand-up comedian, writer, game show host and producer, but he is not a musician. His first album "Let Me Teach You How To Distill Gin" was released on Helium Comedy Records in 2021. Grubard is host and creator of Weeding Out The Stoned and has performed sketch comedy on Comedy Central, stand-up on mtvU and heard on SiriusXM. He has appeared at Cape Fear Comedy Festival, Jersey City Comedy Festival and competed in the Seattle International Comedy Competition. He refuses to learn an instrument.

Born in New York City, he spent his childhood splitting time between The Big Apple and Concord, Massachusetts, birthplace of the American Revolution. Grubard began performing stand-up in NYC as a teenager and spent his 20s in New York comedy venues and studying at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  By 30, Alex was a staple of comedy circuits in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, North Carolina, Missouri, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington and California and known as a utility opener for all kinds of headliners including Dave Attell, Tommy Davidson, Bobby Lee, Kevin Nealon, Heather Macdonald, Rachael Feinstein, Myq Kaplan, Shane Torres, Greg Proops, Mitch Fatel, Chris Hardwick, Chris Fairbanks, Pete Holmes, Ian Bagg and dozens more.

In 2015 Alex began experimenting with high-concept, live game shows such as CURSES: The Game Show of Swears, Obscenities & Censorship and Progress/Congress: A Whole Political Season In One Hour. Alex hosted the first Weeding Out The Stoned: The Game Show of Sobriety Tests at Five Dollar Comedy Week and the show as an instant hit. Since then Weeding Out The Stoned has been featured in New York Comedy Festival, Borscht Belt Fest and Highlarious Comedy Festival. The show has been called, "The Best 4/20 Events in The United States," by Philadelphia Weekly and, "The Chillest Ways To Spend 4/20 in NY & NJ," by Gothamist. CelebStoner calls it, "The game show for potheads." Weeding Out The Stoned has partnered with NORML to spread awareness about legalization efforts and worked with sponsors such as Cheech & Chong Glass, Blazy Susan, West Coast Gifts, The Goods, The Green Room and Utokia Farms.

Grubard fell in love with a Philly gal and they moved to Jersey City, New Jersey where Alex began an effort to promote the city's comedy scene in this historic, but young modern community. He promoted shows all over town at venues like White Eagle Hall, Corgi Spirits, Pet Shop, Sip Studios and WFMU's Montgomery Hall. Alex received a grant from the Jersey City Arts Trust and Jersey City Arts Council to promote multiple high-concept comedy shows in Jersey City. Recently Alex filmed a special for Four By Three Comedy that will be released in late 2023.

Upcoming Shows

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In addition to stand-up comedy, Alex Grubard has become an accomplished producer and creator developing shows that both tour all over the USA as well as provide regular live entertainment for his hometown of Jersey City, NJ. In 2022 he even received a grant from the Jersey City Arts Trust to hold a comedy event. Venues Alex has held shows at in the past and present include Helium Comedy Club, Elysium Theater, White Eagle Hall, Asylum NYC, Pet Shop, Corgi Spirits, Sip Studios, CSZ Richmond, The Rockwell, The Rendezvous, PianoFight, Rhino Comedy, Jean Cocteau Cinema, Coaltion Theater and Improv Boston.

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